Company profile

The company was set up in 2005 with focus on I.T. services. It has transformed from an I.T services to a solution provider with niche & high quality device at reasonable price. Kaplen consists out of three themes: Customer Focus, Collaborations and Constant innovation。These themes define our DNA. The starting points in everything we do to add value for our most important customer: You! We use the themes to give meaning and substance to our vision.

Our Vision

We foster trust and happiness through interactive experiences in innovative devices and knowledge sharing.

Our Mission

We offer high quality and innovative devices for personal, household, office, construction, and children education at affordable price.

Our Values:

We believe in serving our customers with high integrity, collaborations with our partners, and constant innovation in our technology platform, so we could deliver the right solution and positive impact to the market we serve.

Our Commitments

Our team of professionals will help you get the most suitable devices for your needs. We love to share and talk about this! Be sure to learn more about each action we take to get a smile on our customers faces!

Value-Added Service

Simply, our company will help you a happy user of our devices! Before you purchase our devices, we will make sure you know and feel comfortable with how the devices function. We provide free chat and demo before you make decision. After purchase, we’ll make sure your devices work well and we’ll respond to any question and inquiry.

Touch of Simplicity