Choosing a Peephole Camera for Your Home

in Brinno

Peephole cameras offer a special chance to boost the protection of your house utilizing a security feature that you may already have as home security devices get increasingly complex and pricey. If you already have a peephole in your front door, updating it with a camera is more affordable and simpler to install than adding a video doorbell. Additionally, it provides a covert, unobservable location for a home security camera. If you don't want to make your house smart, you can find a peephole camera that is simpler and lets you see through the peephole instead of using a fisheye lens using a high-definition LCD screen.

What is a peephole camera?

You can watch and/or record what is going outside your front door thanks to peephole cameras. New smart peepholes have features like wide-view LCD displays and even app connection, so you no longer need to lean your head against the door to see a distorted perspective. In cases when putting a fixed doorbell is not an option, peephole cameras are a perfect fit for apartment doorways or other rental properties. 

The Benefits of a Peephole Camera

Enhanced Domestic Security:

Making sure your family members have enough security in your home is crucial. A crucial and efficient technique to improve your home security is to have a camera you may install in your door's peephole. This is one of the best gadgets you should have if you want to increase the security of your home.

Awareness of Who’s At the Door:

    You will be able to accurately identify who is at the door thanks to a peephole camera. You will be able to identify the person knocking on your door, whether they are a stranger or someone you know. Consequently, with this kind of camera, you can decide whether to open your door or not immediately.

    Low-cost and Simple to Use:

      Even though they are sophisticated machines, the majority of these cameras are quite simple to use or operate. In addition, the majority of brands are available in the market for reasonable prices.

      How to Choose the Right Peephole Camera for your Home


      1. SHC1000 Peephole Camera

      All action at your front door will be continuously watched and automatically recorded whether you are home or away, and all visitor photos will be stored on an SD card. On the SHC1000's sizable built-in LCD screen, you can easily see who is outside in safety and clarity without anyone knowing. The SHC1000 may be installed in a short amount of time without using any difficult tools. In order to make using the gadget simple for you, we also added a user-friendly UI. We wanted to make sure the batteries would last a long time because the SHC1000 peephole camera is wire-free.

       2. SHC500 Peephole Camera

      The Brinno SHC500's wire-free, battery-operated design enables quick installation and a typical battery life of 6 months. With the provided tool, you can quickly screw on the Brinno model, insert the batteries and SD card, set the time and date, and begin keeping an eye on any visitors who enter your home. Not only that, this device is also one of the most attractive peephole cameras in the market.

       3. JeaTone Peephole Viewer WiFi Digital Door Viewer

      The Jeatone Peephole Camera can wirelessly connect to a WiFi router. You can use a one-way or two-way intercom with noise cancellation to monitor (handheld devices like smartphones and Android tablets) (view visitors, video calls, snapshots, recordings, etc.). Instead of the indoor display, the system function menu is found in the mobile APP console. It has a 1080P camera with a 120° wide-angle lens, automated day/night vision sensitivity switching (adjustable; distance is around 2 meters), and a TFT color LCD display compatible with AHD pictures and videos.