Getting a Time Lapse Camera - What to Look Out For

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Even if you are unsure of what a time lapse video is, chances are that you have already seen one in a movie, TV show, or documentary. Even though they are quite particular, time lapses are frequently used in all kinds of video entertainment. Continue reading to find out what time lapse is exactly, how it works, how to make one, what it's used for, and to view some recommendations on the best time lapse cameras in Singapore!

What is the purpose of a Time Lapse Camera?

Time lapses are primarily used for capturing natural phenomena that would otherwise be too slow to observe with the naked eye, like clouds moving across the sky or flowers blooming over several weeks. A time-lapse is a sequence of images taken at regular intervals, typically with a high frame rate. It can produce an effect that would be impossible to achieve in reality.

How does a Time Lapse Camera work?

Time-lapse video is a technique that records the passage of time. The video captures images of an event at a regular interval and plays them back in rapid succession, usually 24 or 30 frames per second, to create the illusion of fast-moving footage. It can be used for anything from recording construction projects to documenting the growth cycle of plants.

Time-lapse video is a technique that uses the same principle as slow-motion videos. It captures images at set intervals and then plays them back to create the illusion of time passing quickly. They can be created with still photographs or video footage which are edited together to create the effect.

What are the key features to look out for in a Time Lapse Camera?

Image Quality - 

A time lapse camera should have a high-resolution to produce high-quality images. Look for a camera with at least 1080p resolution.

Interval and Duration Settings - 

The camera should have customizable settings for interval and duration of shots. This enables you to control how often photos are taken and how long the camera will take photographs.

Battery Life - 

Choose a camera with a long battery life to avoid missing crucial shots due to power outages. Look for a camera with a long battery life or one which comes with an external power source.

Ruggedness - 

Look for a camera that is rugged enough to withstand harsh weather conditions and extreme temperatures. This will protect your camera from the elements and ensure that it performs well even in harsh conditions.

Remote Control -

Remote control allows you to adjust settings and take photographs without having to be physically present. This is essential for outdoor shoots and can help you save time and effort.

Storage Capacity -

Choose a camera with adequate storage capacity to hold all the images that you need. Consider a camera with SD card capability because the cards can be easily replaced.

Ease of Use -

A time-lapse camera should be easy to use with intuitive controls and menus. This saves time and reduces the learning curve.

Portability -

Choose a time lapse camera that is lightweight and portable. This means that you can quickly relocate it when necessary, without a lot of equipment.

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How do you get good results from a Time Lapse Camera?

Plan your shoot - 

Before you start shooting, decide on the length and frequency of the shots. Keep in mind the total duration of the timelapse you want to create.

Use a tripod -
Keep the camera steady throughout the shoot.

Adjust the camera settings -
Set up your camera's aperture, ISO, and shutter speed according to the lighting conditions and the effect you want to achieve.

Choose the right interval -
Time-lapse camera intervals help determine how frequently a shot occurs.

Be patient -
Time-lapse photography takes time, so be patient and let the camera do its job.

Use an external power source -
Depending on the duration of the time lapse shoot, an external power source will be helpful in ensuring your camera doesn't run out of power.

Use post-processing software -
You can use software to create a professional looking timelapse that would be sure to impress others.

 What should I consider when buying a Time Lapse Camera? 

TLC300 - 

This is Brinno's brand-new time-lapse camera for 2023. This expert time lapse camera solution is intended for use in a variety of settings, including construction sites and outdoor projects. Real time-lapse movie, not a collection of still images, is produced by the time-lapse function, which is automatic. The camera has a 118° field of view and a Micro SD card slot that can hold up to 128GB of data. All users of the multilingual user interface enjoy a seamless user experience because it is available in 8 different languages.

TLC200 Pro HDR Time Lapse Camera -

Get a 720P HDR and 112° field of vision with a 2-day battery life so you can record outstanding professional films. This camera's unequaled technology makes it perfect for quick outdoor time lapse applications. Using just 4 AA batteries and a 5-minute shooting interval, you can record for up to 42 days. The housing shields the camera and features a CS mount for swappable lenses to record even the tiniest details for movies of plant development and environmental changes. The ability to share the video is immediate. To make sure you don't miss anything, choose a time range for your actions and next project between 1 second and 24 hours. The AV1 file is created in the camera using ready to view technology, making it readily accessible without any processing.

TLC120 Wifi HDR Time Lapse Camera -

At your worksite, the cutting-edge Brinno TLC120 time lapse Camera Wi-Fi video camera offers unbeatable quality and dependability. Our specialized time-lapse recording device captures in spectacular 720p HDR video, making it ideal for travel, night photography, or large-scale projects. Our camera makes sure you always capture the photo you need, from the 1.3 MP sensor and quick Wi-Fi sharing to the plethora of options and settings, including stop-motion video. Our camera system is ideal for recording lengthy time-lapse film since it has an industry-leading battery life of up to 20 DAYS utilizing a rechargeable battery pack that is supplied. With a single charge, track almost a month's worth of work on your tasks. No need for risky and clumsy cords. This is the ideal travel companion because it is lightweight, strong, and has immediate Wi-Fi sharing features. To ensure that your camera is safe, the TLC120 camera bundle contains cutting-edge IPX4 splash proof and weather resistant protection. A Micro USB cord and an easy-to-follow user manual are also included so you can start using your equipment straight away.